Fundraising update: a special Christmas appeal

Beverley Joseph shares an update on the recent fundraising initiative to provide electric wheelchairs for two children in Nepal who live with cerebral palsy.

So ecstatic to inform you that Sushma and Seema finally have their wheelchairs!

Sushma has gotten her wheelchair right in time, before she is set to start college and she couldn’t be more grateful as you can probably tell by the photo (Sushma is the one in the pink hoodie).

Sushma and her family have said that she has dreamed of having an electric wheelchair for the longest time and the model we were able to arrange for her to get is the exact one she had always wanted and looked up photos of on the internet.

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated towards this. You are an instrumental part of making this possible and your kindness and generosity mean so much! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally on behalf of Sushma, Seema and their family.

It is quite likely that during lockdown, one can feel pretty housebound and restrained, perhaps like we may not be making all that much of a difference in the world. Please let me tell you that you have made an incredible difference through your donation. Two wonderful girls somewhere halfway across the world have received the blessing that seemed impossible not too long ago!

Let me also tell you that due to the ruralness of the area in which they live in and the lack of availability, it has really taken a team mission to accomplish this. There has been a lot of waiting, chasing up, travelling, chasing up couriers and waiting some more – but God is faithful, and He has proven that in the way that He and you have pulled through for us.

This is something to be truly proud of. Where there is a will, there is a way – COVID-19 or not!

Since the funds raised were not enough to also buy an electric wheelchair for Seema (the younger sister in the orange hoodie), we ended up getting a light-weight, beautiful and functional wheelchair for her instead. She was delighted to receive it as you can tell by her face.

This worked out well as Seema is so happy with it and both sisters received their new wheelchairs at about the same time, meaning that no-one was felt left out.

I hope you have a fantastic rest of the day and that this news brings a smile to your face. Just look at the big smiles on theirs!

Beverley Joseph.

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